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Natural Slate is still regarded as the best and most desirable roofing material. Even with the advances in modern building products, roofing slate, when it is properly selected, worked and installed, may prove to be the most permanent part of any building. Our experienced team of slaters have a vast and varied knowledge of this extremely durable, natural roofing material. We are skilled in crafting a variety of slates, from randomly sized slates, to more uniform slates such as Welsh and Spanish. If the original roof slates are in good condition, but slipping because of nail fatigue, we can salvage all good quality slates, making up numbers with similar slates. This is a good alternative, especially if the property is a listed building. Our skills in slating, combined with lead working skills, make our roofs aesthetically pleasing and also very resistant to all weather conditions.
Long Term Investment From the refurbishment of historical projects to contemporary new builds, the enduring, aesthetic qualities of natural slate make it the ideal roofing solution.
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